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I Should Be Streaming Right Now

Let’s just not talk about the last time this site was updated. I had to dig through a significant amount of dust and cobwebs to uncover this fossil, and boy is it clunky. Ah well, with a few tune-ups the ol’ girl should be good as new in no time.. I was on the verge… [ Continue Reading ]

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Upcoming Amateur Tournaments & Leagues: Discover Your Energy StarLeague

This seems very exciting. There are leagues for players of all skill levels, involving weekly matches over a 2-month period, with prizes for top finishers. I have taken the following information directly from Reddit, to save myself from possible carpel-tunnel syndrome as a result of retyping everything I have learned about these upcoming tournaments and leagues…. [ Continue Reading ]

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SMG Acquires Slwen & Baconthief

We are very happy to announce that we have picked up these two Masters level Terran players. Both have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication, with Slwen finishing 2nd in both the Fall Arena #1 tournament, as well as the A-Team Qualifier, the same tournament where we saw Baconthief take 1st place overall. Welcome to the… [ Continue Reading ]

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Baconthief Wins SMG A-Team Qualifier Tournament

Tonight was a very successful night for 17 year old Terran player, Baconthief, who won the tournament in dominating fashion without even dropping a map. Fall Arena #1 runner up, Slwen, looked to be posturing to win the event until he ran into Baconthief’s incredibly strong mech play, which transitioned into battlecruisers for the nail… [ Continue Reading ]

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Watch Tonight’s Tournament LIVE on TwitchTV

Watch live video from nakhimov on

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A-Team Qualifier Tournament at 7:00pm EST Tonight!

It’s that time again, folks! We are hosting another tournament, made possible by the wonderful people at z33k Tournaments & Leagues. This time we have opened our doors to Master League players, in hopes of acquiring some talent for our “A-Team” roster. The team itself is currently in a state of rebuilding, which seems to… [ Continue Reading ]

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[sSMG]Tyler Joins SandwichMuffin Gaming!

Just a quick update to let the world know that we have added a new player to our roster. You might remember Tyler (squeakky26) from SMG Fall Arena #1 where he took 1st place overall. It seems like so long ago now, but few can forget how Tyler showed up for our first ever online… [ Continue Reading ]

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TvT YoDa’s Reaper FE into Widow Mine Drop

Source: GosuBuilds Credit to Reddit user Fluffyjr for writing up the first draft of this build over here. General Overview This 1rax FE gives you a good economy, scouting intel with two reapers, and the ability to harass your opponent quite a bit once your widow mines and medivac pop. Build Order 10 – Supply Depot 12 –… [ Continue Reading ]

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HotS Terran Build Orders From IEM & MLG Dallas 2013

Since the release of Heart of the Swarm, I have been somewhat lost as to how to open in pretty much every matchup. Thankfully, players much smarter than myself have already but tons of effort into this, and I have managed to get my hands on a few ideas. Special thanks to the wonderful folks… [ Continue Reading ]

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IEM World Championship 2013 VODs – LG-IMMvp vs. LG-IM YoDa / LG-IMYoDa vs. LG-IMFirst

Between my real life job and my love for sleep, I was unable to see much of this tournament. I only managed to catch the tail end of this semi final matchup, as well as part of game 1 of the finals. Thankfully many of the matches are available for viewing on YouTube. It’s no… [ Continue Reading ]